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Da’ Flying Frog Canopy Tour

Amazing Views

Hold on tight to our 4×4 vehicles on the way to the top of the mountain where we start the tour at 200 mts above sea level.
From this point you will enjoy one of the best views of San Juan del Sur bay and the Palermo valley, you can also see the statue of Jesus, the pedestrian bridge and the port.

Flying though the forest

Zip-line along 16 platforms for a total distance of 2.5 kilometers through the top of ancient trees across the forest and down into the valley, watching monkeys and listening the tropical birds, and enjoying the beautiful vegetation of San Juan del Sur, reaching heights of about 50 mts from the ground; the longest line is 328 mts!

What you need to bring

        – Shoes (preferably not sandals)
        – Lightweight clothes
        – Camera
        – Mosquito repellent
        – Sunblock
        – Hair tie (for people with long hair)


Da' Flying Frog Canopy Tour

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