Archeology at Palermo

Palermo farm is rich in natural resources as well as cultural and historical ones. Before the Spanish came to Nicaragua there was a big population of native tribes already living around the whole Pacific coast and around Lake Nicaragua.

In many areas of San Juan del Sur people still find archeological pieces made of clay and stone, and Palermo farm is well known for these findings. Along one of its many creeks that runs through the property you can find the only petroglyph (that we know so far) of San Juan del Sur municipality.

This petroglyph was carved by the indigenous people that lived on this land before the Spanish “discovered” America. It contains many different figures representing several animals and other unknown figures. There has not been a scientific study made of this petroglyph yet, but we have been studying the drawings ourselves creating our own theories… maybe you can help us figuring out the meaning of the different figures found on this big rock. There is lot more exploration to do around the area to find more of these petroglyphs and archeological pieces made of clay and stone.